catering menu and prices

Box Lunches

Overstuffed Croissant Sandwich Box Lunches

Your Choice of Egg Salad, Chicken Salad, or Tuna Salad
Our Most Popular Box Lunch for Delicious Reasons! These Wonderful Fillings Are Served On a Large Butter Croissant Complimented with Fresh, Crisp Lettuce. Served With Pasta Salad or Fresh Fruit, Chips or Baby Cut Carrots, Dessert, Utensils, and Napkin.

Overstuffed Gourmet Ciabatta Box Lunches

Served With Pasta Salad or Fresh Fruit, Chips or Baby Cut Carrots, Dessert, Utensils, and Napkin.

Fresh Grilled Carrots And Zucchini, Provolone, Lettuce, Roma Tomato, Garlic & Pesto Aioli

Italian BLT
Generously Portioned Crisp Lean Bacon, Lettuce, Roma Tomato and Garlic & Pesto Aioli

Grilled Chicken
Seasoned Grilled Chicken Breast, Provolone, Lettuce, Roma Tomato and Garlic & Pesto Aioli

Italian Steak and Pepper
Thin Strips of Lean Steak and Roasted Bell Pepper Strips with Garlic and Pesto Aioli and Provolone

Roasted Pork Tenderloin
Tender Pork Slices Served with Honey Mustard, Lettuce and Provolone

Executive Gourmet Buffet

Trays of Assorted Gourmet & Croissant Sandwiches, Sienna Salad with Raspberry
Vinaigrette OR Classic Caesar Salad, Garlic Mashed Potatoes Served Hot, and Chef’s Choice Dessert.

Salad Box Lunches

Our Salad Box Lunches Include Bakery Fresh Bread Rolls or Croissants, Salad Dressing, Made-From-Scratch Cookies or Bars, Disposable Utensils and Napkins.

Chef Salad
Crisp, Fresh Lettuce, Generously Portioned Baked Ham and Roasted Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Hard Boiled Egg Slices, Tomato and Cucumber Slices. Served With Your Choice of French, Ranch, Italian, Bleu Cheese, or Creamy Caesar Dressings

Taco Salad
Crisp, Fresh Lettuce, Taco Seasoned Ground Beef, Shredded Cheddar Cheese, Diced Tomatoes and Black Olives. Served With Salsa, Sour Cream and Crunchy Tortilla Chips

Oriental Chicken Salad
A Whole Sliced Chicken Breast on a Bed of Crisp Iceberg Lettuce with Mandarin Oranges, Crunchy Noodles, Slivered Almonds, Water Chestnuts, and Our Own Sweet and Sour Oriental Dressing

Classic Chicken Caesar
Sliced Seasoned Chicken Breast on a Bed of Crisp Romaine Lettuce, Generously Sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese, Crispy Seasoned Croutons and Creamy Caesar Dressing Served On The Side

Fresh Spinach Salad
Bountiful Amounts Of Crispy Bacon, Diced Hard Boiled Eggs And Our Own Made From Scratch Sweet And Sour Onion Dressing Make This a Deliciously Memorable Salad

Fresh Fruit Salad
Fresh Cut Seasonal Fruit Served On Fresh Greens With Yogurt On The Side. This Salad Entree Is Served With Bottled Water And A Slice of Angel Food Cake with a Drizzle of Raspberry Melba Sauce

Vegetarian Choices
All Salads Are Available Without Meat.

All Dinner Salad Choices Are Also Available As Box Lunch Salads.